Opening Remarks by the President of SADC PF, During the Meeting of the Parliamentary Business Sub-Committee,18 September 2020

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During The Meeting of the Parliamentary Business Sub-Committee

18 th September 2020


Honourable Vice-President of the Forum, MP

Your Excellencies,

Ms Secretary General,

Firstly, I would like to welcome the Honourable Members of the Parliamentary Business Sub-Committee to this virtual meeting of the Forum.

The purpose of this meeting is to prepare the Executive Committee meeting, to be held on 28th and 29th September 2020, which will precede the first Virtual Session in the history of SADC-PF, the 47th Plenary Assembly Extraordinary Political Session, to take place from 09th to 11th October this year.

The prevalence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, which has affected our countries, the Southern African region and the world in general, has imposed constraints on the normal functioning of our organization.

In order to avoid a complete halt in the functioning of the SADC Parliamentary Forum, we decided that the regular meetings of the Forum bodies, scheduled for this year, should be held in virtual format.

icon Opening Remarks By Hon. Esperanca Laurinda Francisco Nhuiane Bias, President Of The SADC PF, PBS



It is certainly a change in the usual approach of sharing and discussing the parliamentary affairs of the Forum, but we are indeed demonstrating that the Forum has the capacity to be resilient and to adapt to the new normal where it is recommended the use of Information and Communication Technologies for prevention of COVID-19.

The Parliamentary Business Sub-Committee has since the inception of the Forum ensured a robust organisation of the Plenary Assembly and its side line meetings and I am confident that we will continue to do so with the usual diligence.

Our role will be to ensure that the multiple processes relating to Parliamentary Business continue to be overseen by this Committee and that we continue to successfully process affairs relating to parliamentary business for the consideration of the Executive Committee and the Plenary Assembly, taking into consideration the imperative of promoting inter-parliamentary cooperation and discussing affairs which are live to the Forum.

The issue is thus not only about continuing to deliberate, but pursue deliberation on matters which are pertinent to the normal functioning of the Forum and which enable the Forum to remain relevant to its Member Parliaments and provide them with the requisite support and knowledge needed to draw inspiration from domestic parliamentary action.

Excellencies ,

I would also like to underscore that under the Forum's Strategic Plan (2019-2023), planning is one of the strategic objectives of the organisation and with it comes the need to conduct parliamentary business to promote inter-parliamentary cooperation through careful planning even when it is difficult to do so and when circumstances may not be favourable.

I therefore urge Members present today to consider the Annotated Agenda and ensure that it is adopted so that future virtual statutory meetings are held seamlessly.

The agenda of this meeting indicates the meetings that will follow and should ensure, in accordance with the Forum's objectives, that the agenda, the form and structure of parliamentary business is properly addressed by the Plenary Assembly and its sideline meetings.

Let me end by inviting Members of the Sub-Committee to make their contributions on the various items on our agenda and, if necessary, propose additions to the meeting's agenda.

Muito Obrigada!

Thank You!

icon Opening Remarks By Hon. Esperanca Laurinda Francisco Nhuiane Bias, President Of The SADC PF, PBS

46th SADC PF Plenary Assembly

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